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Discussion in 'Development' started by Ziggy73701, 30 June 2017.

  1. Ziggy73701

    Ziggy73701 New Member

    Am hoping someone can shed some light on the functionality in the Kodi - Addon. I run Hyperion on a Pi to some Leds and all good. I have Kodi on a NVIDIA shield running SPMC v16 and now 17 and the Hyperion Kodi Addon. Since SPMC 16 we have been able to use the ANDROIDPROJECTION feature to send the image to the LED's even with Surface enabled. Though this produced some funky results where LEDs would often be all on etc.

    Now.. here is the thing, after some playing around I realised that if I disabled the GRABBER setting in the KODI addon AND the KODI CHECKER and GRABBER settings on HYPERION it worked... perfectly. Which is nice... but it also does something else, if I play a movie... and bring up a OSD.. the OSD image is also sent to the LEDs.

    So here is my thought, I understand that the addon is only activated when there is a videoplaying.. I assume there is some kind of state change. Is there a way to simply set the addon to be always on... My understanding is ANDROIDPROJECTION always captures the screen... so do we just need a... always on button?

    Forgive my simplicity... I have little to no programming knowledge and am just... piecing this together, any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Pedro Domingos

    Pedro Domingos New Member

    RPi2, +Arduino
    Hi, i have a shield a rp2 a ws2812b strip leds but i have dont know how to connect the cables into rp2 (in what pins)? the red cable i connect to my 5v 8a adapter, but the green and white cables iam not sure? do you use an arduino or other hardware in your setup? i also have a problem , in one tutorial that i have seen they say to put the file hyperion.config.json /opt/hyperion/config, but i dont have that folder in my rp2