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4K60Hz HDR Hyperion Setup

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by nasdas-dev, 24 September 2017.

  1. nasdas-dev

    nasdas-dev New Member

    Hi everyone, I've just recently stumbled upon the hyperion project.
    I am very interested to build my own ambilight setup but I couldn't really gather enough information for what I was trying to do.
    Essentially, I'd like my setup to work with any HDMI signal and as stated in the title, I want to have full 4K 60Hz HDR experience on compatible devices (e.g. Watching Netflix with an Xbox One S).

    So far I've gathered the following parts list:

    - 4K HDMI, HDR compatible Splitter (https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/VOXL...-HDR-Splitter-Extender-1X2-1-in-2/32694337706.

    - APA 102 led strips + power supply

    - Video grabber (utv007 chipset)

    - Raspberry Pi 3 + power supply

    As you can see I'm still missing a 4K to RCA signal converter/downscaler.
    The only one I could find is the super expensive HDfury Linker (http://hdfury.com/product/linker-4k60-444-600mhz-scaler/) but I am not ready to spent that money on a signal converter.
    Are there any other options to get my setup to work? Would it work, if I would buy 2 separate signal converters, 4K -> 1080P and 1080P -> RCA?

    Any help would be much appreciated!