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Other Controlling Multi-LEDs by Using One MOS

Discussion in 'LED Devices Support' started by letters1109, 13 March 2017.

  1. letters1109

    letters1109 New Member

    32/64bit, +nodeMCU/ESP8266
    Hello~all Thank you for taking time to read my thread! I am in hot water now.Anyone can help me?

    There is a display board which need to control multi-LEDs ,I would like to use the microcontroller to drive 74HC595 and drive MOS to control LEDs by IO of 74HC595 (If I use one MOS to control four LEDs ,the resistance of every LED is 200ohm). After I switch them on current, I found that the output IO of 74HC595 is right,but all LEDs are opening! Then I review the circuit I found the resistance between source and drain of MOS is 193k, maybe the MOS is broken and can’t help the switches.The MOS I used is SI2306. (This is its datasheet .)The current of four LEDs may no exceed the range of MOS.I don’t know what it occurred? If i would like to use one MOS to control multi-LEDs, how should I design my circuit?
    All you help will be appreciated! Thanks a lot!

    NOTE: I have uploaded the picture ,please have a look!

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