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RPi + OpenELEC Getting image from grabber issue

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Snakzoo, 27 April 2019.

  1. Snakzoo

    Snakzoo New Member

    Hi there,

    I bought an STK1160 Grabber and trying to grab an image via HyperCon, but the only thing I'm getting is a no signal test image with different colors.

    I'm using a RPi 3 with OpenELEC version 8.0.4

    I get a picture from the hdmi source on my tv but the grabber doesnt seem to work here. 4.png ss.png
    Can anyone help?


    I've tried out some stuff now. When I start everything (through my power strip) it works for a few seconds. But then I get the no signal thing again and sometimes my tv loses the signal too. I have wired my splitter and av2 converter in the power stripe. What could it be? I would guess its the splitter somehow?


    Kind regards
    Last edited: 27 April 2019