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SOLVED HTTP Json Start Stop Instance not working

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by jonaspaulo, 31 August 2020.

  1. jonaspaulo

    jonaspaulo New Member


    I am trying to start /stop the instance 0 (Led Hardware) through HTTP in order to simulate the behaviour of clicking here in the WEB UI:


    I thought this API Call did the same or not?

    So I followed the guide: https://docs.hyperion-project.org/en/json/#http-s-json and https://docs.hyperion-project.org/en/json/control.html#control-instances

    And it doesn't seem to work (Example of the POST request attached). I get a HTTP 200 but the LED Instance doesn't turn off.
    If I try with startInstance subcommand at least I get something on the logs (of course it is already started):
    Aug 31 18:32:49 raspberrypi hyperiond[1944]: 2020-08-31T18:32:49.606 hyperiond HTTPJSONRPC  : <DEBUG> JsonAPI.cpp:107:handleInstanceSwitch() | Client '::ffff:X.X.X.X' switch to Hyperion instance 0
    Aug 31 18:32:49 raspberrypi hyperiond[1944]: 2020-08-31T18:32:49.654 hyperiond HYPERION     : <DEBUG> HyperionIManager.cpp:109:startInstance() | Can't start Hyperion instance index '0' with name 'First LED Hardware instance' it's already running or queued for start

    Although If I try to start it with the Instance on a OFF state it also doesn't work.

    If I try to set the color for example it works

    P.S. Running the latest beta (Hyperion-2.0.0-alpha.7-Linux-armv6l.deb) on Rhassbian RPI3


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  2. jonaspaulo

    jonaspaulo New Member

    Solved thanks to the help of Paulchen-Panther on github. I was using the wrong command.
    For reference the correct payload to Disable the instance is:

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