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BUG Hypercon.jar send configuration bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Yariv, 27 October 2016.

  1. Yariv

    Yariv New Member

    So i spend few days after installing everything from scratch until everything works.

    I will explain the flow that i used:

    Open the Hypercon.jar UI
    Connected via the SSH
    Installed Hypercon
    Clicked start
    Clicked send config

    In the log everything seems fine without any warning msg, i was thinking that everything works fine, but nothing works.
    Only after create the configuration with the create hypercon configuration button at the bottom and clicked on the local configuration path and then clicked on the send config - actually the config file has been send to the RP 2.

    I would fix is that way:

    • Logging in the log in case the local path is not configured
    • Set a popup message in the UI while sending the configuration with a warning saying that no file has been copy in case the local path is not configured
    • disabling the send button as long as the local path is not configured
    I spend so mush time to make it work but it could save a lot of time for new users..