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hypergrabx11: yet another Linux/X11 grabber, using ffmpeg

Discussion in 'Hyperion Extensions' started by kokoko3k, 10 April 2019.

  1. kokoko3k

    kokoko3k New Member

    Hi guys, i made a new grabber that works with x11 and Linux (at least).
    I modified the original HyperionScreen by ellisium, stripped something i didn't need and made some other modifications.

    It is here, requires node and npm:

    Why another grabber if we already have hyperion-x11?
    Since i really don't like how internal hyperion smoothing works for slow fades and since i like my fades to be really smooth and slow (1 or 2 seconds to go from black to white), i used ffmpeg and tmix filter to achieve that.
    Since hypergrabx11 uses ffmpeg, it is really easy to expand his functionalities ( provided you know how to use ffmpeg).
    Cpu use is good; on an [email protected] i can grab 1920x1080 at 15fps with default settings, about 3%
    All of the settings configurable in the settings.json file.

    Have fun!