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Hyperion with ESP8266 and Docker, without Raspberry

Discussion in 'Hyperion General' started by fietstasss, 30 July 2020.

  1. fietstasss

    fietstasss New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new to Hyperion but am very interested to implement this as a 'Ambilight-like' solution behind my Android TV.
    Next to all that i'm running a small (always-on) Windows Server on which Home Assistant, Plex and a few other things are running.

    Now, what I'd like to achieve, if possible, is to setup/run Hyperion on this server (if needed through Docker or any other service), and then have my WS2812B's being run from an ESP8266 behind my TV.

    Next to the AmbiLight functionality i'd like to be able to control the LEDs through HomeAssistant, as also can be seen in this movie.
    The 'video-input' should be coming from an app running on my Android TV, if possible.

    This way I'd like to prevent using an Raspberry Pi if possible, but i'm not really sure on how to approach all of this.

    For example, what should be running on the Server, and what should be used as Source Code on the ESP8266?

    I've read some stuff about WLED for example, but can't yet really distinguish the tasks of each of piece/bit, like WLED, Hyperion, etc. Which part handles what?

    Any usefull hints, tips, experience and/or recommendations for this setup?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. TPmodding

    TPmodding Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3, +Arduino, +nodeMCU/ESP8266