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RPi + Other Software No pidfile in /var/run/

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Alex B. Goode, 16 March 2019.

  1. Alex B. Goode

    Alex B. Goode New Member

    RPi2, RPi3

    I am trying to setup monit for hyperion process and a first thing needed is a pidfile when hyperiond is started
    In my case the process is running with no problems however there is no pidfile created for it

    [email protected]:~ $ ps aux | grep hype
    root     13421 22.7  2.8 126764 26608 ?        Rsl  Mar16  56:29 /usr/bin/hyperiond /etc/hyperion/hyperion.config.json
    and the process is started not via /etc/init.d/* scripts where I can manually handle pidfile creation

    Any idea why pidfile concept is not maintained in hyperion project?