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RPi + Other Software Please help find correct USB frame grabber

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by mattress, 2 September 2020.

  1. mattress

    mattress New Member

    Thank you so much for all the feedback guys. This is all very useful information here. I am running the latest RaspberryOS and the latest Hyperion.NG

    All the garbage from eBay and Amazon was counterfeit/different chipset than advertised, and ended up ultimately being my problem. The HDMI grabber I ordered from a link in this thread did the trick. Also the LEDs linked in this thread are a much much much higher quality than what I got from eBay.
    With COVID stuff going on, shipping from China takes forever. So after a couple of months, I’m finally a successful Hyperion user.

    tl;dr The entire time I’m watching, my mouth is hanging open in awe. Do you guys have that problem?? :omg::omg::omg::omg:
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  2. NeeeeB

    NeeeeB Active Member

    RPi3, +Arduino, +nodeMCU/ESP8266
    Yeah BTF is a solid choice regarding Leds, and bonus, they are cheaper than everywhere else.
    Even the packaging "smells" quality compared to others.
    PS: I used to hang open in awe too, this will pass after a few days lol