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REQUEST Time off/on

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by episcop, 17 June 2017.

  1. episcop

    episcop New Member

    RPi3, +Arduino
    If possible add time off/on, for example on 21.00 and off 6.00. And add this config tab into hypercon?
  2. penfold42

    penfold42 Active Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3, 32/64bit, +Arduino, +nodeMCU/ESP8266
    It would be possible - let's see how much interest there is in this feature.

    In the meantime you could use 2 crontab entries to do this with either stopping/starting Hyperion or using Hyperion-remote to set the colour to black
  3. Biggles

    Biggles Member

    I have mine automated via home assistant. If it's after sunset and it senses the TV turn on by detecting it on the network it turns on the power supply which boots the pi and auto starts Hyperion. When it senses the TV turn off it sends a script to the pi to shutdown and a minute later turns the power supply off.
  4. Brindosch

    Brindosch Active Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3, +nodeMCU/ESP8266
    I think there is a high demand for basic automaten, this could be events like time, hyperion state change or like the kodi check entire external program observer. I still vote to remove the kodicheck and add it as a python based plugin for optional install besides of other integrations like plex server, emby server, ...
    redPanther has done some experiments in this direction, but this is far from finished and i admit, no prio for now. (As long we miss active project contributors that wants to move something forward)