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X86/64 Using Ambient Lighting without external input sources

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by Rillator, 5 December 2019.

  1. Rillator

    Rillator New Member

    I‘m writing this because I want to use ambient Lighting but i don‘t use external video sources (just the apps on my tv) i saw that there are Solutions which are controlled by apps but only on Android tv.
    I‘m using the TV Samsung ru7099 which runs on tizen os which is based on linux.
    Is there any possibility to use ambient Lighting without external video sources?
  2. harun

    harun Hyperion-Fool

    I am also interested here for
  3. gamifyscience

    gamifyscience New Member

    Smart TVs have no market in allowing video out, so it's not a option to get a video feed from newer smart tvs. Look up "scart" in the forum if you have an older model.
    I have seen a cheap solution for a led system that uses a camera mount on your tv set. it's a questionable piece of hardware, and you also have a weird prop on your tv top. I haven't personally seen any specs on setting up a video capture version of the ambilight system, but I know it is possible and some people have done it. I think you would use the camera in on your rpi as source for the v4l2 image, from there you just need to power your LEDs properly.
    I use my iPhone to drive the lights and then cast the picture to the tv, but that is still an external source and I am not getting 4k/UHD.
    Lastly, I have a dream that someone will crack open a samsung tv and try to hack a video feed from the internal hardware, but there is no way I am doing that with my new tv - :LOL:!
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  4. TPmodding

    TPmodding Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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