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RPi + OpenELEC UTV007 on Openelec (Raspberry Pi3)

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Derpster, 6 September 2019.

  1. Derpster

    Derpster New Member

    RPi3, +PhilipsHue
    I have on question.

    I got mine Hue working with the grabber and the Pi3.
    But now I switch the normal hdmi kabels for:


    And i put also another switch with remote so i can plug more devices in


    First when i put the switch the sound of mine ps4 went down but the light where still working.
    After it mine sound came back and mine lights stopped working
    The light now only work on the background of mine Kodi and not mine grabber anymore.
    I did not make any changes on the file the only thing is i changed the kabels for 4K kabels because of mine ps4 and TV
    The white box (converter is on NTSC)

    What shall i do?
    Install all over again (with the new kabels pluged in) and use the file again or what do I have to change
    Funny thing is that if i changed everything back the grabber is still not working