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RPi + Other Software What hardware for HDMI Chromecast as source

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by WarsawDay, 24 April 2020.

  1. WarsawDay

    WarsawDay New Member

    Hi All!

    It has been a while since I head my "amibilight" running. I still have a TV with WS2801 LEDS on the back, a 8A 5V power supply and the TV where I watch only Chromecast content (1080p SDR netflix, youtube, sometime chrome).
    Since it's lockdown time, and I tend to use the TV more often (usually I use other room) I thought I might revive the lights!
    Previously, I used rpi 1/2 and openelec, but today I want to use Chromecast (cause it's easy AF). Question is:

    1/ What hardware should I use for controller for LED, hosting Hyperion and analyzing the HDMI input? I thought about RPi - would Pi Zero, which I got unused, be enough? Or do I need more juice?
    2/ What grabber would be required?

    Additional requirement - the devices will be shutdown by cutting power every time I turn TV off (master slave strip on the power amp cuts power to TV, chromecast etc.).

    I did some reading but it seams there are multiple issues around each solution.
  2. chrisrgonzales

    chrisrgonzales New Member

    Wanted to bump this as i have the same question, what hardware, splitter and capture card / grabber. And is it even possible with hdcp being the problem here