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X86/64 What to use to drive Hyperion from Kodi?

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Dinth, 20 November 2020.

  1. Dinth

    Dinth New Member

    Hey. Recently i have built a Hyperion backlight based on Arduino + APA102 and was planning to use it mainly with Windows/Kodi HTPC.
    Originally hooked up Arduino directly to Kodi machine, installed Hyperion.ng on it and after little bit tweaking (there was a delay) managed to get perfect results when watching movies on my HTPC.
    Unfortunately, this solution had a major issue - Hyperion was starting up every time HTPC was waking up from sleep and was not working every time HTPC was sleeping, so couldn't use it as a static backlight for watching TV.

    So instead, i have hooked up Kodi to a Raspberry Pi and thought i will be able to pass data to Hyperion over the network, but I've got issues with every solution i have tried.
    First one - DirectX grabber. There's a delay between the picture on the screen and backlight and i haven't found a way to tweak it. It looks like a same problem as i had with Hyperion.ng, but DX11 grabber doesnt support tweaking of some options. Also it doesnt start with Windows if explorer.exe is replaced with Kodi Launcher.
    Second one - Kodi addon. This one doesnt work at all for me. It wasn't updated in ages so I'm not even sure if it's compatible with latest versions of Kodi?
    Third one - Kodi Boblight plugin. This one is interesting, as i could switch Boblight on and off through Home Assistant. Unfortunately i find that there's something very off with Boblight algorithm and while it backlits the screen in roughly same colour as on screen, its not as precise as normal Hyperion grabbers.

    Are there other options or maybe I'm doing something wrong with the ones above?