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RPi + Other Software Wire Gauge and PSU Upgrade

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by D34DC3N73R, 10 January 2021.

  1. D34DC3N73R

    D34DC3N73R New Member

    My hardware setup is a 5m 300 LED WS2812b, rpi2, arduino nano, HDMI capture card, and I'm currently using a 5v 15a 75w power brick, 1000uf 25V capacitors soldered to the front and back of the LED strip, 330 ohm resistor on the data line. I'm powering the rpi2 and capture card from an alternate power source so the power brick is dedicated to the LEDs. I'm using 256 LEDs, so amps are technically above what my power supply can provide (16.9a vs 15a).

    I do plan on upgrading my TV to an 85" soon, so I'll likely be getting another strip to add to what I have. Planning ahead, I've bought a 5v 40a 200w power supply. I know it'll probably be overkill but I'm under the impression power supplies are more efficient when running at 60-80% capacity.

    I'd like to upgrade my current setup with the new power supply initially, with the ability to add more LEDs with the TV upgrade.

    I was planning on getting a garbage disposal power cord to connect the power supply, and using 14 AWG to some type of distribution block. At the moment, I just have power to the front and the back of the LED strip but will want 4 (or 8) out terminals to run to all corners.

    So, my questions are:
    1. Will the garbage disposal plug work well for powering the power supply? Should I just cut a computer cord instead?
    2. Is 14 AWG enough to run from the power supply to the distribution block? It will be about 6-8 feet. (btw can anyone recommend a good distribution/terminal block for my use case?)
    3. In my current setup, what gauge of wire should I be running from the distribution block to the front and back of the LED strip? is 20 AWG enough? When I upgrade and have runs to each corner will 20 AWG be enough?
    4. I do have 1000uf 25V capacitors soldered to the front and back of the strip. When I upgrade and cut strips for each side, is it necessary to have caps and power on both ends of all four strips?
    Really appreciate any feedback. This is my first Hyperion setup and I just used a lot of what I had laying around, but I'd like to do things "right" and get the best results possible. Thanks in advance.